ACT on it… Who are we?

ACT on it is a non-profit charity in Melbourne, Australia. We are supported and sponsored by Mindful Creation and the R E Ross Trust.

Reuben Lowe is the founder of ACT on it. We are a small group of peeps who form our committee to make a difference in young people’s lives.

What are we doing?

We’re working on a smartphone app, based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). It’s called ACT on it (the same name as our charity!) and will be 100% free.

This app will be accessible for teenagers, yet suitable for all.

ACT is an evidence-based therapy based on contextual psychology, which is 25 years of the science of how humans work – how we think, feel and live.

Here’s why we’re doing it?

Steve Hayes, the founder of ACT, wrote to us saying,

 Teenagers have seen more death (real and fictional), heard more judgments, and witnessed more suffering than many adults in past generations did in their lifetimes. And what do we present to young people as models to coping with this new, media-driven world? Materialism, escapism, feel goodism, and pharmaceuticals. Oh please … We need to cultivate modern minds for this modern world. This app will be available worldwide to help people benefit from ACT in their everyday lives